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LMP Pro Series
« Dato: November 14, 2022, 17:20:04 pm »
Jeg har modtaget dette fra Sebastian Nockemann og med hans tilladelse bringer jeg det her på Scalerace :

hi, I think there is absolute no modelcars LMP racing since years in denmark?

for next season 2023 with all the new interesting cars we try to create a fantastic grid for "LMP Pro Series".

Many teams plan there comeback or first entry.
For example from austria, belgium, finland, netherlands, norway, spain, portugal and of course germany.

is there a chance for a team from denmark, too?
We Work on the new lmdh and lmh models. Several Differenz will be available early enough

And we will have a spectacular new technique aspect

We will Drive with Handout brushless Motors.

Chip and Motor ist devloped Special for Out modelcars.

No other Feeling or settings on hand controller needed in comparison to now with jk Retro Hawk Motor..

Norway and finland seems already to be Sure in the grid again 🙂

Slotracing Mülheim - 24.03-25.03.2023
Hobby 2000 / Slot4000 Liège - 01-02.09.2023
 Raceway Park Siegburg - 03.11-04.11-2023

We would love to have denmark in the grid again for Mülheim 🙂

Maybe interesting. National in Belgium there is a lmp Series as "Cup". All hast to Drive same Body. Chassis. Parts.

This Cars are 100% lmp pro Legal. easy to built. A bIt more cheap.

But even in lmp pro full competentive. Three races ago we had such a bes Car on 2nd overall

Bes = Belgian endurance Series.

Måske er der nogen der har mod på at prøve kræfter med nogle af de bedste miniracere i europa ?